Welcome Delrico Johnson to the DC Breeze and the Newest Member of Team Layout

Layout Ultimate is extremely excited to announce that Delrico Johnson, DC Current (MLU), Truck Stop Ultimate and the newest signed player of the DC Breeze (AUDL), has joined Team Layout. 

This is a special double announcement as Rico has just signed to play in the AUDL with Layout Partner team the DC Breeze. Rico will be dominating the fields wearing number 3 this AUDL season.  More info from the Breeze blog.

Age 27  |  Right Hand Dominant  |  5'10"

Rico exploded onto the MLU stage in their inaugural year and played the entirety of the league for 4 years. In 2016, Rico was named Eastern Conference Offensive player of the year leading the Current in points scored (34) and goals caught (22), and posted the second most assists on the team (12). Rico not only was the Offensive player of the year, he also tied his team for most blocks in the 2016 season with ten blocks, making him a double threat on both O and D. 

Rico has a very similar story to Layout player Remi Ojo, both avid sport players focused on soccer, however for the luck of ultimate community, both players found themselves playing our beautiful sport. Since joining the Ultimate team at Towson University, Rico has become powerhouse on offence and defense in both club and pro ultimate.   

I want to be unstoppable,” Johnson said. “I want teams to fear turning the disc over against us. If a thrower has to worry about where I am on the field, I’ve already won.

These are by far the best gloves I've worn as far as production and how they hold up. I've gone through multiple tournaments in different types of weather and couldn't be happier.  They're actually pretty good in colder weather. I found they do a good job of keeping in warmth, but with that being said, in the summer I didn't find the fact that they're kind of insulating to be too much of an issue.  I recommend Layout gloves because of the quality and durability that they provide. Still using the ones from the beginning of 2016 club season.

Rico is the most featured player on Sportscentre Top 10, making the list on two separate occasions.

We’re very excited to add Rico to Team Layout as his #LayoutLife playing style and grit makes him the perfect newest addition to our team.
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