Why choose Layout Gloves?


Layout Ultimate Gloves are the perfect choice for all types of players from youth, beginners, intermediate, touring players to the pros:

  •  Improve throwing and catching with the 'Ultimate Grip'
  •  Never drop a pass with the high level of grip and added confidence
  • Add distance and accuracy to your throw
  • The Best Ultimate Gloves and #1 Choice of Pros and Rec Players


        Here is what the Pros say about Layout Gloves:

        "Trying out a number of catches, one handed in front, pancake, one hand to the side, and trailing edge, all were effective without any chance of slipping or jostling out of your hand.  No matter what I tried, the disc managed to stick which was a nice change to the glove experience for me.  Overall, I was very pleased with the catching ease...

        They provide a tacky but comfortable palm which prevents any slippage or perturbation while in the hand.  When isolated, such as working on throws in the park, this translated to 5-10 yards of extra distance on hucks, and increased snap and power on shorter, quick throws" 

        Brett Matzuka, DC Breeze #54, Chicago Machine: Skyd Magazine


        “These are by far the best gloves I've worn as far as production and how they hold up. I've gone through multiple tournaments in different types of weather and couldn't be happier. They're actually pretty good in colder weather. I found they do a good job of keeping in warmth, but with that being said, in the summer I didn't find the fact that they're kind of insulating to be too much of an issue. I recommend Layout gloves because of the quality and durability that they provide. Still using the ones from the beginning of 2016 club season.“

        Rico Johnson, DC Breeze, #3



        "You can really feel the grip adding rotation and distance to your throws. The gloves are durable, feel great on my hands and take some of the sting away from my layout d-blocks. These gloves have been great and are a necessity for any serious ultimate player." 

        Remi "Mr Highlight" Ojo, Toronto Rush #12, GOAT Ultimate


        "The Layout gloves are by far the most beneficial gloves I have used. The difference between Layout and other Ultimate glove providers is the design and thickness. The “Flick-grip Technology” design has more material on the middle finger, helping give better control over even the toughest flick throws. The control these gloves give me makes them worth every penny. The biggest challenge with Layout gloves is the upfront preparation work. These gloves are like a good whiskey, they just get better with time. Because of the thickness of these gloves, they take time to “break in” and be comfortable with throwing with them. However, once I became comfortable with them, the benefits outweigh any initial preparation work I had to go through. The thickness in the front leather provides warmth during extreme cold, and the mesh material on the back allows sweaty hands to breathe in heat. The durable build also gives me the feeling that I will have these gloves around for a long time."

        Tom Radcliffe, Nashville Nightwatch #55



        “Finding gloves suitable for my play style has been a constant battle since I started wearing them about 4 years ago. I've got a pile of more than 20 pairs that are torn to shreds. I'm truly grateful for the product that Layout Ultimate has created and even more ecstatic to be a part of their team.”

        Nick Hutton, Indy Alleycats #20 

        What the Pros Wear Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves