'The Ultimate Grip For Your Game'
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Layout Ultimate Gloves


The Layout Ultimate Gloves assist you to huck farther, catch cleaner and throw crisper with the 'Ultimate Grip for Your Game'™.

  • Balanced all-weather control for handling and catching: rain, shine, snow, sleet
  • More grip = more rotation on release which can improve accuracy, speed and distance of your throw
  • Get more hand blocks as the grip stops the rotation of the disc!
  • Light-weight material with breathable back keeps your hands cool and prevents gloves from becoming water-logged with rain or sweat
  • The Flick-Grip technology (added grip to middle finger) will give you more control over your flicks with added spin to further distance and sharpen accuracy!
  • Toweled thumb to wipe sweat 
  • Synthetic leather palm for durability and to soften sting of bullet passes 
  • Choose from XS-XXL, our gloves fit most men, women and youth hand sizes! 
  • Ultimate is played in endless conditions, our gloves withstand water, rain, mud, turf and more!
  • Layout Ultimate is the Official Glove of the LA Aviators, NY Empire, Montreal Royal and Nashville NightWatch 

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