Thanks for the support! - Layout Ultimate

Thanks for the support!

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for the support our first product has received thus far. We set out to create a product we can stand behind and feel we have accomplished this and the positive feedback we’ve received reinforces our belief.


Layout Ultimate was founded out of the need to great high quality ultimate gear for our growing community (and add some competition to the ultimate gear market!).  The original launch was pushed back a few months as we worked out the kinks and issues of the glove, production, materials and design. We did not want to bring a product to market, be forced to redesign/rerelease (at the users expense) as we perfected our glove and ensured we did not release the Layout Ultimate Glove until we knew it would be received positively by the ultimate community.

We’ve been very happy with the feedback we’ve received in reviews and online discussions; from reddit posts to Skyd Magazine’s review by the great handler Brett Matzuka.

Layout Ultimate is just getting started, our first product the Layout Ultimate Glove has landed Layout Ultimate on the map and we plan on extending our line this year with new innovative products.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for a couple exciting announcements over the next days #WhatTheProsWear


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