Welcome to the Secret Santa Jersey Exchange!

Hosted by Layout Ultimate and Reddit Ultimate


How it works:

  • Participation is easy. First, sign up below and fill out all forms as applicable. After signing up, wait until Matching Day (December 1st, 2016) when you will be matched with a person based on size and gender. Once matched, read over the interests and specifications of who’ve you’ve matched with to try to send them the best jersey possible!
  • All jerseys must be mailed by December 15th. Please click HERE once you’ve mailed your jersey. Please keep your receipt in case something goes awry with the mailing process.
  • After receiving your package, click HERE to acknowledge reception. We will have a thread in reddit.com/r/ultimate after December 15th for participants to post pictures and reactions – we strongly recommend posting there after you've received your gift as seeing reactions is part of the fun!
  • Participation is free and open to all (pending eligibility below) with the only costs derived from minimal shipping fees.
  • Receiving gifts is fun, feel free to include any other fun (and SAFE) items or a card along with your jersey!

About the Exchange (Important – Please read all items carefully!):

  • Eligibility: In order to help weed out potential Grinches, all participants MUST have a reddit account that is (a) at least one month old, (b) has positive karma and (c) is in good standing with the Reddit Ultimate moderators (ie. not banned). If you do not meet (a) or do not have a reddit account but still wish to participate, please contact JerseyExchange @ LayoutUltimate.com with a photo of yourself holding up an ultimate jersey and a note that states “I will not be a Grinch!” (funny faces encouraged). If you do not meet (b) or (c) or do not wish to provide a photo, please contact JerseyExchange @ LayoutUltimate.com and we will chat about alternate verification procedures.
  • Matching: This is a blind exchange, which means participants will not know what jerseys they will receive until they are unwrapped! We love being surprised and hope you do too. Please note that participants will NOT be paired – so while you may be sending your jersey to John Doe 123, he will be sending a jersey to someone else.
  • Spirit: We encourage all participants to employ good spirit in this exchange. Send family-friendly, physically safe materials that are in good or new condition. Participants should to try to send the best possible item that fits their matchee’s interests, not just get rid of that lime green food-stained dodgeball jersey they won in a raffle.
  • Information: Announcements regarding details about the exchange will be posted on reddit.com/r/ultimate and layoutultimate.com. Urgent messages may be emailed directly to you if necessary.
  • Privacy: All form entries will be compiled in a single private spreadsheet seen only by Layout Ultimate and /u/Jomskylark of Reddit Ultimate. Participants will be manually matched. Emails will only be used by Layout Ultimate or /u/Jomskylark to contact participants for exchange details. If you wish to send a message to your matchee (or vice versa) or update your form details, please contact either of us and we will act as a middle-man to protect privacy. Name, address, interests, color preference, jersey size and jersey gender will all be seen by your matcher. Reactions and images posted on Reddit Ultimate will be public record.
  • Disclaimer: As with any online gift exchange there is a small chance your sender will be a Grinch and not send a jersey. Please be sure to follow all instructions and click HERE  when sending your package and HERE when receiving your package, and please wait as packages may take longer than usual to arrive depending on certain variables. Please note Layout Ultimate and Reddit Ultimate cannot be held liable for any problems that may arise in this exchange process. That said, if your stocking still remains empty by December 23rd, click HERE and we will investigate. A second round of gifting may or may not occur for participants who did not receive any items.


Unsure if the jersey you want to send qualifies, read HERE for more info

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