Tom Radcliffe - Layout Ultimate Sponsored Player

Layout Ultimate is thrilled to announce that Tom Radcliffe (Nashville Nightwatch, Freaks Ultimate, Coach of UAH College team) as our second sponsored player. Tom is a natural handler, playmaker, a force to reckon with on the field. We are very enthusiastic to welcome this ambidextrous handler to ‘Team Layout’.

Tom Radliffe Layout Ultimate Age 25 | Playing since 2011 | Height 6'4" | Dominant hand right

Tom, an early adopter of Layout Gloves is currently competing in his second year in the AUDL with the Nashville Nightwatch. You wouldn’t know this by his throws or playing style, but Tom has only been playing this beautiful sport since the Spring of 2011. Shortly after starting he joined touring team Freaks Uv Nature where he has competed with for the past 5 club seasons.

"I am incredibly humbled to be a part of the Layout Ultimate team. Being a representative of this company and where it's going is an honor!" – Tom Radcliffe, #55

Tom found his ambidextrous ways out of necessity when he broke his right wrist and had surgery on his right shoulder within 3 years.  The silver lining to these injuries were that Tom was forced to re-learn to throw with his left hand and now after recovering has become even more lethal with his ambidextrous arsenal.

Tom plays hard, yet is very hard on himself and his two most memorable moments in ultimate both arose out of previous hardship.  Winning 2014 Club Sectionals left an even sweeter taste in his mouth while catching the winning catch on universe vs Southern Hospitality who had beat out the Freaks on universe point (the year prior Tom has made a throwing error that led to loss vs Southern Hospitality on universe). Another memorable moment came in the past weeks in the AUDL vs Atlanta Hustle when Tom make a mistake to let ATL tie the game and push universe. Tom’s team ensured his spirit and confidence were high heading in the OT where he dropped a beautiful buzzer beating hammer to clinch the win vs the Atlanta Hustle.  

We’re looking forward to seeing more highlights from this all-star players and couldn’t have a better addition to ‘Team Layout’.

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